esse exercises

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  • Post category:Allgemein esse exercises and overview | an easy way to learn the forms of the irregular verb esse sum fui | Latin grammar exercises | practice the forms of the…

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3rd declension Latin

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  • Post category:Allgemein Declension Latin: Overview and exercises  |  Practice the Third Declension  |  Learning by Hearing   Snake Jewelry*:Snake Jewelry was very popular in ancient times More gift ideas:► Verbis Latinis Gifts Advertising And don't forget to…

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Latin Declensions 1st 2nd 3rd

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  • Post category:Allgemein  Latin Declensions:1st 2nd 3rd Declension Overview andLearning by Hearing Snake Jewelry - Gift Ideas*: Snake Jewelry was very popular in Ancient Times More gift ideas:► Verbis Latinis Gifts Advertising  Practice Latin Declensions:1st 2nd 3rd Declension Accusative FormsExercises*) Affiliate:…

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Cave Canem!

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  • Post category:Allgemein Cave Canem! | Beware of the dog! | Latin Simple About history of dogs in ancient Rome   This Latin warning was very popular in Rome Picture: Mosaic "Cave…

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